Shiva Naidu Kondati

Strongly believes that capitalism should be the force for good. Approach to challenges in healthcare that make a difference!

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A Visionary

Revolutionizing the entire healthcare industry with his focus on moving beyond the status quo.

A Thought-Leader

Reimagining quality healthcare, creating a healthcare culture that drives ethicality

Relentless Innovation

Receptive to innovative ideas, to work in collaboration to bring a positive change.

Empowering with the most disruptive technology in healthcare.

eHealth Networks

The current health care system is superfluously complex, inexplicably exacerbating the problems of access to quality healthcare, adversely or skeptically affecting the care, creating conflicts of interest, eroding the patient's trust in the medical profession, etc. Certainly, all these calls for immediate reforms.

eHealth ID

eHealth ID is a unique health ID for all individuals. Improve interoperability between health systems, connected healthcare.

eHealth Pro

Bringing the patients, doctors, and the hospitals at a single platform, with access to data for better health care and transparency in healthcare.

eSpeciality Clinics

A growing network of multi-specialty clinics that work with the mission to offer valued healthcare.

Our Gallery

Some moments to share. Some moments to celebrate. Shiva Naidu Kondati, in pics.

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Project six
Project six


Some videos in which the founder, director at eHealth Networks is talking about the concept of eHealth ID and other technology ventures.

The Spirit of Outperforming

Scouring the healthcare landscape for inventive ideas. Creating unparalleled value for four constituencies: shareholders, partners, employees, consumers, and society.

A Fountain of World-Changing Ideas

Let knowledge be free. Innovative ideas can help change the face of healthcare.

The Next Big Change in Healthcare

Have got ideas to share with you that can help streamline or unify the healthcare system.

Let’s Collaborate, Partner For Success

Together, we can transform the healthcare system. What the future holds. Let there be more transparency in healthcare.

Next Wave of Technology

Only technology has the answer to some of the biggest challenges, healthcare systems currently struggle with.

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